Do we have taken the task of visiting some websites of exporters and have found some very cute, stylish, informative, creative, and as he is said in the field of the design some very clean, and arose us the question, are selling their Web pages? The Statistics say that 1% of the websites selling if same, rest must carry traffic to them that sell, get customers, or help us market our or products or services, otherwise its presence on the network will not be active. No matter all the money that you invest in advertising to attract potential customers, if you do not know the strategies to sell online, your Web Site will not sell. To make your website sells single, you must meet the following requirements: 1. that the product solves the customer’s needs. 2 That there is a wide market to whom address 3. That the visits that has your Web are segmented. Do 4 that your customers trust you know you and your team how to do it? For this reason that learning strategies to promote your business on the net, and a Designing an Online marketing campaign, is key in any industry, and even more for the exporters and importers where the highest percentage of actions to get clients are made on the network. That is why we recommend the unique training program designed in the network especially for your type of business, with information and strategies that are being used successfully in other sectors, tailored to your industry..