GmbH Academy

Logistic people academy offers practical user seminars for intelligent management of customs from 1 July 2009 the conventional paper-based procedure is accepted more from any Customs Office. AES, the electronic export procedure of Customs is now binding and brings substantial changes in the practical application. The logistic people academy logisticians and carriers expert advice and practical training around the new process offers. The so-called ATLAS export system has led since its inception on August 01, 2006, mainly in the processing at German Airport Customs Office to problems. Who is not adequately prepared in case of emergency on the changeover, faces possible fines. Also in-house AES entail far-reaching effects on the process control.

Forwarding and industrial companies can count on the advice and training through the logistic people academy. All seminars on customs are practical and easy to use. The Frankfurt branch also users seminars with additional participant software Instead of. Academy of the logistic people: the logistic people is your professional partner for intelligent customs management academy. With over eight years of experience and expertise, we offer companies a partnership support during the implementation of AES and all other related customs issues.