For Lee Lowell

The investor who to know the beddings of the options it will have an effective way to deal with the risk and the possibility to multiply its possibilities of profit, therefore it will start to have to its disposal a great variety of choices of investments to its disposal. 2 – Theoretical recital of 2,1 Options the Decision of Investment Bedding of the Market of SO PAULO STOCK EXCHANGE Options (2009), the market of options functions as a tool of risk management, an instrument of hedge, protection or as potencializador instrument of profits, alavancador. As the name says, it is an option offered for the market to negotiate rights of purchase or sales of one determined lot of action or another asset, with prices and preset stated periods of exercise in a contract. For Lee Lowell (2008), ' ' contracts of opes' ' it is an obligator investment if you desire to compete and to survive in the current financial markets. They can allow that reach same the benefits you of an operation with action, but with little risks little involved money. You can obtain with options everything that would obtain with action, however to a lesser price, while she keeps potential of very bigger percentile return in the invested money. This is not perhaps of the luck nor a nothing mysterious.

According to Hissa (2007), an option of an underlying asset will be the right to buy the asset (purchase option) or the right of vender the asset (sales option) the determined price and inside of determined period of time in the future. For Orsi (2008) the options also are used to increase the profit potential, to diminish the costs of transaction beyond indicating the volatileness of the price of the papers in at sight market. Who chooses to bet in the purchase options waits to benefit itself of a rise in the price of the action with the consequent valuation of the prize.