Global Economy

As a result, actually in the market economy, there were only enterprise at the global level – the result of economic globalization. But if the economy had saved natural for a market economy bankruptcy, avoid bankruptcy of enterprises at the global level will not allow policy. The support of such enterprises from the countries further reduces the efficiency of the economy as a separate region and the world economy. Since, in this case, the effect of the collapse of the economy increases the efficiency of turbulence – it overcrowded warehouses, and a sharp decrease in purchasing power, the collapse of an established infrastructure for the promotion of consumer goods, and the general explosion of social tensions. According to the author of All-Russian economic program senp culprit of the current global economic crisis is precisely the globalization of the economy – the enemy of market economy. Full antagonist of globalization in the economy – is senp program. On the basis of an independent (from the current economic) development of small and medium business market-based system senp decided the main issue for sustainable economic development without the crises created market system is almost absolute demand (above does not happen) for manufactured goods in the current time mode (online), which allows us to consider the goods in the System senp liquidity and commodity producers to give an absolute guarantee payment for its goods, almost at the stage of production. Thus, the system removes senp for producers substantially all the risks associated with the overproduction or underproduction of shortcomings.