GWP German Wind Power Wind Power Project In Romania Makes About 70 Megawatts

Already held final negotiations for sale Berlin, 27.04.2012. The Berlin company specialising in project developments of wind parks gwp German wind power has after Poland, Italy, South America and Turkey entered now the Romanian market and about 200 km east of Bucharest in Tulcea a remarkable project about 70 megawatts (70 MW) in the stadium assumed ready to built and additional 370 MW of projects in earlier stages of development. That is unusual, as is specialized in gwp otherwise to develop projects at the earliest stage, the so-called Green Field. For the Chairman of the gwp – Supervisory Board, Dr. Helmut Peter Kahlert, several reasons for transferring: seller is the Bucharest GP holding, who did the initial development and behind the football legend Geca Popescu.

Not only in Romania, Popescu is a respected businessman who committed to the conservation of nature through the implementation of renewable energy projects and here at your own risk acts. We have made a complete due diligence, that it also has enabled us to take very short sale negotiations with potential buyers. We could take over the 70MW-Projekt due to the acquired total package at very attractive conditions. We also have Yes an existing network to potential investors from our other activities. In this respect it is only logical, in addition to the development of wind power projects to take over those, in fact only traded through.” This project is one of the larger in Romania is 70 MW.

The country has begun a rethinking in terms of energy supply as most European countries some time ago and this increasingly relies on wind energy. Looking at once that the Steag group currently in Romania created a wind farm with 108 MW of power, according to own statements indicates an investment volume of around EUR 200 million for the company, a picture of the magnitude of the gwp project results quickly”. says Stefan Steiner Constance global invest Marketing GmbH, with the global invest wind farm opportunity Fund together with the gwp invests in the development of wind farm projects. “For the investors of the wind farm opportunity Fund mean fast transactions” such a further improvement of the conception according to high income security. Best conditions to achieve really the after tax yield referred to in the prospectus of about 11 percent. A yield expectation, with the aforementioned wind farm opportunity Fund significantly higher than comparable investments is located. Contributed to the conclusion of the contract of this package deal has the internationally renowned Spanish Invall Green Energy Group, a group of companies, which has written to the development of comprehensive solutions in the field of renewable energies on the flags, and in this segment offers a comprehensive package of services from design to administration. Invall is the contracted engineering firm for the execution and supervision of this project. Is particularly interesting to note that the newly creating wind farm will have not only on a private substation, but all supply conditions have already been resolved. This advantage is particularly important, because this, the immediate supply of frequency-stable flow is guaranteed”, says Erhard Schluter, technical director of the gwp. “Investors of the wind farm opportunity Fund this positive development can be just right: you due to the combined loan / Equitystruktur in addition to the economic results of the project company of HOSEA investments in particular will also benefit from the stability the mother” gwp. A system concept that there is not a second time so far in Germany. For more information,