Holidays For Single Parents

The 2007 summer season is in full swing, but this industry is to always remain vigilant: the new “on-demand world requires constant updates in real time and the tourist industry is among the most from the Internet revolution affected trade sectors. Nowadays, the communication is direct and can reach the whole world, guests are therefore accustomed to make their decisions at the last moment, while the tourism entrepreneurs to adapt to developments in the request in order to remain competitive. Internet provides very important data and instructions that allow the contractor to conduct a detailed market analysis and determine their strategy accordingly. A good example are some hotels in Bibione, have opted to maintain the needs of single parents, particularly to: single-parent represent a market niche that is often neglected, although it plays an important role especially at the beginning of the season . Recent research has proven the fact that children are the main role inthe decision of the families have about the destination: much has been made to destinations “to make children”, but very little has been done to make the same places “parent-to:” Double used as single, “Children’s discount” and the like get them to accept conditions that the mother that she has not fully understood. For many people, a dream vacation, the last for himself realized, however, single parents who want to enjoy their holidays with their children to avoid the risk of getting lost in the maze of prices or discounts for children, they have overcome many other problems will . Lying on the shores of the upper Adriatic Sea Bibione beach is ideal for small children leave: the broad and golden sand is created for the enjoyment of children, many who need space, and offers a safe and clean environment is essential for parents. Thanks to the new offerings of the hotels in Bibione, both children and canParents enjoy the holiday best.