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Your company has for years, is very successful and you can show a good customer base. Now you want to present yourself and your services on the Internet, finally, it behooves you to present directly to its customers quickly and easily display the contents. What should you consider So that you can be “seen” your site must be designed only once. The graphic design and technical implementation is called Web Design. A professional self-image, a logical structure and contents of the navigation point, and a future-oriented technology implementation should be fundamental to your website. To keep in the coming years with the competition step, and can expand with little effort – ultimately growing companies as well. In addition to the Web, you need a partner to provide your website, and this place offers so that the files are available for this purpose for your visitors. This offering is called web hosting, often referred to simply as hosting. TheWeb host provides its space for you for free, just like the hard drive of your computer. In addition, you will receive a so-called domain – the name by which you are later accessible. In most cases it makes sense to choose the company name. Note, however, there are many millers and Meier, so that the desired word may possibly already be assigned to someone else. Please consult the web designers like to allow a meaningful combination of your desired terms. In addition, you must be reachable for your customers. In addition to telephone, fax and the familiar post, there is the possibility of sending electronic letters. This is called e-mails – derived from English to electronic mail. This also provides you with the web host. This means customers can send such a message to you and you can answer directly and without long wait. Much better than to send mail or phone calls lead constantly. So if you consider presenting yourself and your company in the Internet, you canconsult. A good place to offer search engines like Google, Yahoo! or MSN and typing the term you want in conjunction with the city. example can be found in a search for “web designers Berlin” many vendors from Berlin, as well as seekers with the terms “web design freelancer,” a smaller group of people to achieve, the most favorable working as agents. So give it a try.