Internet Payment System

Options telegate regard to the large range of interests: payments, which carried more than 20 well-known methods, instant connection – means you can take virtually any time and without limits on their amount network of partners to implement the goods and services. For corporate clients are given the opportunity formally to work (BN), support for, individual solutions. Developers can completely automate the receipt of payments. For the most popular destinations are available a variety of solutions and other payment system E_GOLD as payment system has several advantages: – instant transfers, privacy, reliability, availability for countries – organization receiving payments on the site – those who earn their partner or sponsor programs – it is instant payments and a small amount of payment – Webmasters are offered various services, such as banner impressions, hosting, domain registration, advertising, you can buy in real time – gamblers – a sweepstakes, lottery, etc., taking e-gold; – collectors – the acquisition of collection of attributes in during the account registration fill out the form with their personal data, select the login and account name, passwords (primary, alternate). In the exceptional case – a telephone inquiry.

The number of characters not recommended for less 8-10, which consist of mixed letters and numbers. It is important to remember that contentious issues are resolved, usually by phone. Internet payment systems are very diverse, so we briefly consider a virtual card E-PORT. In July 2000, market appeared System e-port, chained views the media, businessmen and various specialists. It simplifies the system of buying on the Internet: Using a single card may exercise the acquisition of more than Eighty online stores. Single map is universal, prepaid. Maybe the plastic and virtual intended for purchases of goods and services by phone and the Web. Get a virtual e-port card with a zero nominal and increase your current advance to the level required is very easy. You can use one of many ways to replenish! E-POS lite – need to arrange to accept payments online merchants. E-port Dealer-host a reception for all payments for services providers, enterprises engaged in retail trade, consumer services.