Laying Bearing

Allowed laying several rows with the division of the cardboard inserts. When packed in plastic bags wrapped in rings of waxed paper individually laid kits in plastic packages and groups in the box. Since the diameter of more than 31 mm are packed individually in boxes. We split larger bearings and for export split bearing weight more than S kg ring and block wrapped in waxed paper separately. In the technically justified cases, be made: wrap bearing the laying of paper or film between the unit and the outer ring, wrap bearings without laying paper or film between the block and ring; bearing baked tying wire. Bearing a mass of 200 kg may be separately wrapped in burlap indoor unit and outdoor rings followed by wrapping the entire bearing. Bearings with solid grease with a mass of 1 kg before W kg wrapped in 2 layers of capacitor paper, then packed into individual bags made of polyethylene film thickness of 200 microns. Packages of excess air is removed, after which they are welded.

Welds should not have punctures and holes that contribute to the penetration of gases and vapors. Bearings lubricated with the set working, canned inhibited oil, wrapped in waxed paper or in a test tube. Allowed to use burlap instead of linen wrapping cloth, pre-impregnated with paraffin, or a mixture of ceresin ceresin and paraffin. Pasting the junction with the body and cover the holes in the lid is made of polyethylene film with adhesive layer or strip of polystyrene film, lubricated by laminating polymer solution in acetone SMEs.