Contemporary History

Os ideal of the French Revolution they had exported ‘ ‘ necessidade’ ‘ to equal all legally the citizens. In this I pack, century XIX was the moment where the Jews had left the ghettos and had initiated an emancipation process civilly, being inserted in the society, with the same rights and duties of the too much citizens. At the beginning, some Jews had not commemorated the emancipation. The right to the vote and the military service would also imply the abandonment to its style of life, with its old controls comunitrios.1 With passing of the time, if they had accustomed and had aculturao. However, exactly that they had left of being you give birth civil politicians and, the Jews continued being give birth sociais.2 In the century of the cientificismo, the racial theories would come to supply new (without excluding the others) a justification for the antissemitismo.

That is, the assimilation of the Jews in the European societies had supposedly placed them in equality situation. She was necessary, therefore, to differentiate them in way permanente.3 Explode the notion of the Jew as a depraved race and that it must separate and until be destroyed of the conviviality with the too much races, with the serious possibility to contaminate them. The Jews had made a conversion of ‘ ‘ outsiders religiosos’ ‘ ‘ ‘ outsiders tnicos’ ‘ 4 In the German context, the racial theories were added to ‘ ‘ descobertas’ ‘ of the glorious past and the rescue of the Aryans. What it was followed, in the words of Leon Poliakov, was true ‘ ‘ maquinesmo racial’ ‘ between this last semitas.5O nazism did not take off its ideas of the emptiness.