London Stock Exchange

Despite the fact that the volume of export sales for all nomenclature groups increased, the rate of growth largely decreased, except for one group of nomenclature: the power cable for voltages up to 1 kV. According to market research of cable products import dynamics explicitly compares favorably with the export of Russian checkpoints. For example, when comparing Sales ppc most expensive nomenclature group "power cable with voltage of 1 kV and above" we can conclude that our country is more buys than sells. The difference in price of products of Russian and foreign produce an average of 10-20% and depends on the voltage cable – the higher it is, the greater the gap. Pricing policy of the Russian factories more flexible than that of Western companies.

The difference in the price level of the cable products of domestic and foreign enterprises is negligible. Western companies, of course, try to adjust to domestic producers, but they are very profitable. In the West there are preferences for exports. When export supply in developing countries, they state other than the return of vat 25% reduction of the cost of production. We unfortunately do not. In addition, for the production of finished both Russian and foreign Plants acquire raw materials at the same price. Domestic manufacturers are buying copper, aluminum and other nonferrous metals in the same Russian suppliers at prices set on the London Stock Exchange. An important question is the current level of Russian standards. Russian gost and OSTy – narrowly focused.