Mart n Mart n Carrera

Mart n Mart n Carrera Carrera Sabat (b. Puebla, Puebla, December 20, 1806 – Mexico City, April 22, 1871). It was a Mexican political and military, President of Mexico in an interim capacity for 29 days in 1855. He played in the ranks of the Spanish army. Incorporated into the colonial army from age 9 to 12, it was military grade. It joined the Plan de Iguala and participated in the repression of the rebels of the Agreed at San Luis Potosi. He held various military positions in the independent era. Published in 1831, a military manual: Use and practice of light artillery maneuver mountain. He came to Major General in 1853. Conservative politics, was a member of the National Legislature of 1843 and senator in 1844 and 1845. He fought against the United States in 1847, mainly involved in the El Molino del Rey.As Governor of Ontario from 1853 to 1855 succeeded by the triumph of the Revolution of Ayutla against Antonio L pez de Santa Anna in his last presidential term to the persistent and continued opposition from liberals who with a little over a year, did not slacken in its efforts to remove him from power, taking a hasty exit and flee the country before the situation R mulo D az de la Vega as military commander of the square of Mexico City, acting as a convenience, joined the revolutionaries plan and appointed a board appointed Acting President, but for his bad luck the luck did not favor and power went to Martin Carrera who was conciliatory and prudent in his brief tenure as a conservative president. Race was not a man with political ambitions. Having noted the appointment would resign, but after that appealed to their patriotism, agreed. He ruled 29 days and its most important was the perception he had of the moments that are lived.Trying to reconcile the interests of the conservatives who have not yet recovered from the flight of Antonio L pez de Santa Anna and the triumphant liberals who thundered on the outskirts of the capital, both sides refused to dialogue and rather he ignored his presidency, skewering their choice from the military garrison. Disappointed, he resigned. He died on 22 April 1871 in Mexico City.