Planning and strategy

Planning and strategy analyzing the meaning of words and planning strategy through a broad consultation of literature on the subject. What is planning – Planning is thinking ahead. – Plan is to control the future. In other words, act on that future. – Plan is to make decisions. That is, determine in advance who is going to do to achieve a goal. – Plan is to make decisions in an integrated manner. This means that decisions are embedded. – Plan is a formal procedure to produce a result articulated as an integrated system of decisions. Why plan 1. To coordinate activities. The idea is that more than one person has responsibility for developing strategies and, therefore, share administrative policies. 2. To ensure that the future is taken into account. Managers should be able to take the future into account to prepare for the inevitable, avoid the undesirable and control everything that can be controlled. 3. To be “rational”. 4. To control.b) Strategy is a pattern of behavior over time. c) Strategy is position, that is, certain products for certain markets and, d) Strategies is perspective, that is the way an organization to make things. 1. Deliberate strategy. Proposed strategy is one that is virtually complete. 2. Strategy unrealized. That is not performed. 3. Emergent strategy. When a pattern was not explicitly proposed, but it is done according to adaptations that arise along the way.