In a certain final night of afternoon the assessor enters esbaforido Garci’a and of a notice to the president ' ' Paraguay goes to invade Brazil presidente' ' our brave representative of the diligent people answers it ' ' League for the Lugo and asks for pra it to invade tomorrow morning, therefore I already locked up mine expediente' '. He is clearly that it is only one trick, but will be that somebody in any country would believe that in Brazil has a president that it locks up its working hours to 19h so that can work in the campaign of its candidate to the presidency of the republic? Not vi in any media no commentary, none charge or even though critical to this initiative it Mr. Squid, so that it can one more time lack with respect to the electoral laws. Since when president of the republic it has preset schedule of work? It will be that after to 19h it can be treated as any Brazilian citizen who paid its accounts, its taxes, walks of bus, she enters in line, or it is only one artifice stops to burlar laws? Saddest it is not the decision to stipulate its working hours, but yes the reasons that can take a president in mandate end if strengthen in such a way the point to arrive such ridicule to choose somebody that never had an elective office and that with certainty it does not have no preparation to command a country of the largeness of Brazil. Some will say and it has? He does not have, but it caught arranged Brazil, gave continuation to the left economic program, kept the inflation under control and implemented the implanted social programs already. However, in case that it obtains to choose its candidate, this will take ownership of a country almost that destroyed, with the swelled machine, with public expenses beirando the chaos, mattering much more that exporting, the estagnada education, with ministries in number nonsense to please and only to use ' ' camaradas' ' , and with an alliance to govern that more she seems a group of badly administrators.