Revolutionary Armed Forces

The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Saints, authorizeed the Sodoma Operation in last day 16. Only in the dawn of the last Wednesday, 72 aircraft had launched 30 intelligent bombs more than of 226 kg each on the situated encampment in the area of known forest as There Macarena, in the department (been) of Goal. Three waves of bombings had banished Jojoy from its shelter, a on shelter of 300m2 to a complex chain of tunnels. Almost 24 hours after the bombings, 400 of the best combatants of the forces special of the Army, the Navy and the policy had gone down of rapel, from helicopters, and had mined focos of resistance. It’s believed that Oracle sees a great future in this idea. In accordance with surveys carried through for the Columbian policy, Surez Luis, by the way, Jorge Surez Briceo or ‘ Mono Jojoy’ , he was son of peasants been born in the department (in Brazil it is called here Been) of Boyac (north), having entered for the guerrila group in 1975. Specialists affirm that ‘ Mono Jojoy’ it was practically created with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Colombia (FARC, Communists), which knew for intermediary of its parents since the time where already it had six years. ‘ ‘ The mother of it was cook of Jacobo Arenas’ ‘ , one of the founders of the guerrilla, in 1964, and since small, it attended the lessons of marxism given by the guerrilla, counted to the AFP Ariel Avila, who during two years investigated the life of Briceo for the Commission of the Historical Memory of Colombia. The solicitor-generality of Colombia, Guillermo Mendoza, confirmed the death of Briceo in a bombing.. If you have read about cloud computing already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Natural Patrimony Wealth

The internationalization of the Amazonian Forest is a very old idea, and as in a cyclical process, always if it becomes subject of debates spread in innumerable fruns, wants regional or world-wide, moved for teses and feelings pseudo-humanitarians, who if delay in absurd justifications in what she says respect to the Sovereignty of Brazil. According to IBGE, Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, the Amazonian Bioma shelters the biggest reserve of biodiversity and the biggest hidrogrfica basin of the world, flowing off a fifth of the volume of water candy, beyond possessing incalculable amounts of mineral resources. , 4,2 million kilometers approximately squared are located in the Brazilian territory, that is, most of the forest and its wealth belong to this country. Learn more at: Southwest Airlines. The act to become public the Amazonian resources load of a imperialista and arrogant text, of that already they had been used one day to advantage of such similar conditions in its native countries. Shiningly, Cristovam Buarque refutes then the proposal of to internationalize the Amaznia stopping one strong line of reasoning: If it will be for becoming common all this exuberant Natural Patrimony, because not to become public the financial resources, the cultural wealth proceeding from each country, the American oil, nuclear armaments and the children of the World.

The current developed countries had knocked down, burnt, destroyed, extinguished its forests and very of the capital profit with these atrocities, they had been used as investment in the fomentao of its proper national industries. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gary Kelly on most websites. Esteem the Brazilian limitless wealth, they try to persuade of all the ways, through ambientalistas teses? as, for example, ' ' Amaznia is the Lung of the Mundo' ' , one knows that not. But, the aquatic forest, formed for innumerable beings that live in the surface of the great seas participates directly of the cycle of the oxygen and the carbonic gas -, the unrestricted preservation, however, such philosophies, only, serves to occult its true objective, economic politician and. Therefore, the Internationalization of the Amaznia makes aluso to the desmedidas oppressions financed by colonizadores in other times to the colonized ones. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Oracle. Then, it will be that Brazil is prepared to live, one more time in its history, the marks of pain, the segregation? Not! It is known that the country must fight obtains in the combat the forest fires, the so inherent destructions would biopirataria, it and to preserve all biomas Amazonian and Brazilian possible, but, to yield its territory as a prostitute contemporary? Again, Not!

Public Power

With all these advantages the crisis this way did not affect very. It affected more the exportation sectors, exactly thus, in lesser scale, therefore the domestic market absorbs great part of the production. The Brazilian government acted of fast form, reduced some federal taxes, the state governments had taken the same measures. At the same time where these measures had been able consequentemente to hold the production and thousand of jobs, the Brazilian cities capsize to fall the value of the federal views destined they. It has cities, those that depend solely on the views governmental, they had been impracticable.

This compromised or will be able to compromise the payment leaf, causing delay in the payment of employees, suppliers and the suspension and stoppage of workmanships. In such a way, it remained the municipal administrators (mayors) to search solutions capable to compensate the suffered losses, so that the city does not suffer worse with the effected cuts. Some measures will have to be placed in practical and all the population, of the most humble citizen to most important, will have to join itself so that these measures occasion the desired effect. Each one must make its part and sacrifice. The public power must in first place: To elaborate goals, in which each secretariat would be charged of cumpriz them.

To finish with the industry it paternalism. For example, each agricultural community would start to manage its resources, searching solutions for the problems most current, as cleanness of the community, I fix and conservation of public building under its responsibility. Leaving the problems of water, light constructions on account of the Public Power, therefore these demand more resources. Today the communitarian one comes until the headquarters of the city in search of a roofing tile that it broke, of a window, gasoline, etc. However these small problems the community must solve without the intervention of the public power.

The Tapajs

Now with the plebiscite, the state leaves of being great difficult to manage, YES that many we hear to say ' ' pode' ' to bring benefits, in our city alone we hear this side more here. As we can have full certainty in what we are making if NOT, is not so ' ' transparente' ' how much YES? – Perhaps for the fact of our current representatives politicians not to be so competent when they would have to be, I point not to bring a development for here, already as many governments had been transferred, and all corrupt ones, thinking generally about the proper pocket, without thinking about the devoid population that the one that abita, and that needs singular improvements more than does not have, because the government if does not pledge in improving the place where the proper ones live. In the Itaitubenses we have that to think well before we take this decision, therefore Carajs that will be a new state with this division will not leave so harmed as well as the Tapajs, therefore already has its development, Carajs has its proper capital, Par has its protected formed culture and its wealth, and the State of the Tapajs? – The one that has? Which will be our culture? We can take off as example the too much plebiscites that already had happened as the division of Gois and Tocantins, Gois, is there, structuralized well, already Tocantins, unhappyly we cannot say the same. Itaituba, as well as other cities tends to be poor, perhaps for guilt of the government, since we were ' ' city of ouro' ' , if really we had a good government, today we seriamos very well structuralized and developed, therefore the majority of our ores is exported and used to enrich other cities and/or states. We have that to lead in account, that of everything already cited in lectures is assumptions, therefore full certainty alone we will have the election after. .


In a certain final night of afternoon the assessor enters esbaforido Garci’a and of a notice to the president ' ' Paraguay goes to invade Brazil presidente' ' our brave representative of the diligent people answers it ' ' League for the Lugo and asks for pra it to invade tomorrow morning, therefore I already locked up mine expediente' '. He is clearly that it is only one trick, but will be that somebody in any country would believe that in Brazil has a president that it locks up its working hours to 19h so that can work in the campaign of its candidate to the presidency of the republic? Not vi in any media no commentary, none charge or even though critical to this initiative it Mr. Squid, so that it can one more time lack with respect to the electoral laws. Since when president of the republic it has preset schedule of work? It will be that after to 19h it can be treated as any Brazilian citizen who paid its accounts, its taxes, walks of bus, she enters in line, or it is only one artifice stops to burlar laws? Saddest it is not the decision to stipulate its working hours, but yes the reasons that can take a president in mandate end if strengthen in such a way the point to arrive such ridicule to choose somebody that never had an elective office and that with certainty it does not have no preparation to command a country of the largeness of Brazil. Some will say and it has? He does not have, but it caught arranged Brazil, gave continuation to the left economic program, kept the inflation under control and implemented the implanted social programs already. However, in case that it obtains to choose its candidate, this will take ownership of a country almost that destroyed, with the swelled machine, with public expenses beirando the chaos, mattering much more that exporting, the estagnada education, with ministries in number nonsense to please and only to use ' ' camaradas' ' , and with an alliance to govern that more she seems a group of badly administrators.

The Companies

The economy demonstrates that it has a direct relation enters the level of investments (rude formation of capital fixture – FBKF) of a country and the rhythm of growth of its GIP. This mathematical relation of intuitiva form can be understood: it is alone with the increase of the productive capacity through the increase of plants, more generation of energy, more jobs, better qualification of the people that if obtains to get a sustainable increase in the income of a country. When the productive capacity of a country is being subutilizada, can be gotten through governmental measures of stimulaton for short periods of time, a growth caused for one better use of existing the productive capacity already. But this growth of short term does not remain if it will not be folloied, simultaneously, for new investments in production. He is in this point that enters the private initiative, the more investments the companies had made more developed in them will become the city on the other hand grow, the company grows and thus all earn. In this way we will be able then to say that we are not alone growing as in also developing. 3 WHAT WE MUST EVALUATE We believed to be able to measure the development of a society for the level of the production and the consumption of goods and services, by means of pointers as the national Gross domestic product. It was on the basis of the per capita GIP that the countries had been classified in developed or not, for the ONU. According to Rattner (5), the tax of the occult GIP as many critical conditions of life human being as of natural ecosystems. The GIP in fact shows the taxes of the Gross domestic product of the country, but at the same time it occults the poverty where most of the population lives.

Brazilian National Politics

REFLECTION OF MEMORABLE THE 31 OF MARCH OF 1964. In the context of the History of Brazil, many dates important exist to understand the routes of the national politics, one of them are 31 of March of 1964, date that leads the nation for the command of the military and if it restores a dictatorship imposed for the Brazilian army, with support of many segments of the society. As wisely they affirmed the old Romans: ' history is mestra' we can and we must come back ours to look at to the past and to recollect this moment of our history. We cannot analyze a historical fact without pointing out it in the time and space, as well as leaving to mention its consequences, is positive or negative. How much to the military blow in Brazil, we must say that 1964 the world was practically divided, the least imaginarily, in two great blocks: the capitalist led for the United States and of another side was the Ussr leading the socialism. He is inside of this division happened the War Cold that was an ideological shock between capitalism x socialism. Historically Brazil was on to the United States.

Of this positioning one initiates in all the allied nations to U.S.A., a campaign against the communism. In this scene the military blow of 31 of March of 1964 occurs, when Goulart Joo Jango was put down and goes up to the power general Castello Branco. The blow counted on participation of the call imperialism, as form to keep the governing lined up with the proposal imperial of dependence to the external market and to fortify the raw material exportation. To stand out that many groups saw in this blow a form to contain the lived democratic advance in Brazil. The military start to govern for Decrees, without needing to pass for the Legislative one, expurgando public officers and politicians who threatened the interests of the regimen.

Barack Obama

The recent emptying of information on the War of the Afeganisto, with the exposition, in the Internet, of about 92 a thousand documents where they are described atrocities of the occidental troops, is irrelevant: exactly that the facts specified there are not true, similar slaughters every day occur (when we speak regarding war, a minimum reasonable reasoning takes in them to this conclusion). Those documents, therefore, do not have the power to increase the indignation with the belligerence state. What it has this power is the behavior of the media. Since the spreading, the press insists on spreading out the information of that such breakings would have happened between the 2004 and beginning of 2009, excluding, thus, of any responsibility the current controller of the White House, as if, since that it assumed the power, the mined field that is the Afeganisto if had become palco of a war ' ' more suave' ' ' ' responsvel' ' (yes, for some people they exist ' ' wars responsveis' '). I repeat: identical events to the described ones in those pages if always occur in elapsing of a war. The media, therefore, gave a shot in the proper foot trying to save Barack Obama, directly responsible for any occurred crimes of war since the first day of its mandate, as well as Bush is responsible for the committed genocide when president. Therefore, it fits to ask: why, with so serious infractions in its biographies, one is ovacionado and the other is execrado? It does not have justification for so great difference of treatment, therefore ALL the presidents of U.S.A. always arrive at the power financed by great corporations, great multinationals, the most powerful economic conglomerates? people grada of some sectors, especially of the industries warlike and production of energy. The comprometimento to guarantee financial return to these groups is as much that the price to defy them would be the fall of the government by means of impeachment, since also they pay the campaigns of all the Congress of U.S.A.