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There are two flagship events of international prestige in Seville held during the spring that are the Holy Week and April Fair. It is also very popular among the citizens of Seville to attend the Roc o Pilgrimage each year is celebrated in the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Roc o located in the town of Almonte in Huelva province, and one of the great days for Seville , is the day of Corpus Christi. Main article Semana Santa: Semana Santa in Seville The great strength of Seville, one of the most venerated images of the Holy Week of Seville. The celebration of the various events that take place during Holy Week becomes one of cultural events, religious and artistic important place in the city. The Holy Week celebrations in this city are among the most famous in Spain and have international repercussions in the Catholic world, making them a major tourist attraction.Easter is considered Tourist Interest National and International level. The processions of Holy Week are the trends over centuries of forms, ways and means of the fraternities and sororities consist of diverse groups of people of various kinds labor or other properties where multiple factors have influenced both religious, artistic, social and historical . Station processional penitence or output is the main external worship of the corporations that made the Brotherhood. The week runs from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, processions every day images depicting the Passion of Christ in its entirety adding 60 brotherhoods.A General Council of Fraternities and guilds, whose members are elected every four years by the Elder Brothers of the various brotherhoods, which is responsible for organizing the Easter and to streamline procedures and agreements with official institutions and all aspects the Carrera Oficial. There is a whole series of elements related to Holy Week in Seville as the Steps, the fraternities and sororities, the Nazarenes, the bearers and arrows. April Feria Feria home (2010) (under construction) is known as Feria de Abril to one of the festivals that take place in the spring, particularly in April. The Fair takes place in the district of Los Remedios and is considered Tourist Interest National level, and since 1965 as International. El Real de la Feria, consists of 24 blocks, has a surface area approximately 450,000 m2.that sit in booth 1047, with dimensions varying from one to another with a road network of the Real consists of fifteen streets with names of fighters who have been intimately linked to the city. This part of the enclosure is equipped with sufficient infrastructure to solve the problems of water connection, sewerage and electricity demanded by each of the booths in place. Attached to Real de la Feria, are the premises of an amusement park, with some 400 different rides, this park is ephemeral and is known as Elm Street. The Municipal Hut is where activities are carried Protocol City and each of the Districts have a booth for public use, because access to the booths in most of them are limited to members of the same. The origins of the April Fair dates back to Narciso Bonaplata 1846 when, of Catalan origin, and Jos Mar a de Ybarra, of Basque origin, drafted a proposal that led the City Council of Seville.In March 1847, Queen Elizabeth II granted the privilege of fair Sevilla. Some characteristic features of the April Fair are: home, lighting booth, short dresses, flamenco dresses, flamenco dancers, horses and carriages, beverages (such as chamomile and modern typical rebujito) cuisine (very typical pesca to, especially on the night of “Alumbrao”), street of hell, bullfights, fireworks. Corpus Christi Corpus Christi in Seville is one of the most important celebrations in Seville. It takes place next Thursday on the eighth Sunday after Easter Sunday. That day the city is decked out in their best clothes and makes for a day all sibships Seville (whether of glory or sacramental penance) are united in the same procession.The procession consists of nine steps (including Seville are saints, patrons of the city, the Holy Thorn and custody with the Body of Christ) and various social representations, ecclesiastical, military and political. It’s a party comsiderada of national interest.