Sources of funding

Sources of funding for the project My SME kb As sole owner and proprietor, our proactive Yashiro Toledo took as a choice of bank credit financing.Which consists of: It is a type of short-term financing that companies obtained through the banks with which to establish functional relationships. Importance. Bank credit is one of the most used by companies today to obtain necessary financing. Almost all are banks that handle business accounts checks of the company and have the greatest loan in accordance with the laws and regulations currently in force banks and provide most services that the company requires.As the company often goes to the bank seeking commercial resources in the short term, the choice of one in particular deserves careful consideration. The company must be sure that the bank can help the company to meet the needs of short-term cash it has and when it is filed. Advantages. If the bank is flexible in its conditions, there will be more likely to negotiate a loan that meets the needs of the company, which places it in the best environment to operate and profit. Allows organizations in case of trouble stabilized with respect to capital . Disadvantages. A bank very strict conditions, may unduly restrict the ease of operation and act at the expense of company profits. A bank loan entails borrowing rates that the company must pay to the bank sporadically concept of interest. Methods of Use. When the company submitted with the bank loan officer must be able to negotiate. You must give the impression that it has jurisdiction. If you are looking for a loan, must be submitted with the appropriate official with the data as follows: a) The purpose of the loan. b) The amount that is required. c) A plan defined payment. d) Tests on the creditworthiness of the company. e) A plan or drawing of how the company expected to develop in the future and achieve a situation so as to repay the loan. f) A list of guarantees and collateral that the company is prepared to offer, if any, and necessary. The cost of interest varies according to the method to continue to calculate them.