SME Companies

Even though at the moment in the Venezuelan State alliances with third-world countries are settling down with the purpose of to impel to the Venezuelan companies to compete in the international market, in my mind arise certain questions, Are prepared the SMEs in Venezuela to compete in these markets? They will have the productive and technological capacity to face these economies? Given these restlessness it is necessary to establish the opportunities and weaknesses of the Venezuelan companies, specifically the SMEs to penetrate in the international markets. The SMEs face the following weaknesses: Little investment in technological advances, generating consequently to make products few competitive ones in the international markets. Median and Many small companies are of familiar origin, which entails to that the companies are handled by industralists with little managemental and little capacity leadership. Many SMEs do not invest in the qualification of the human capital, generating little motivation to their employees. Little or null strategic planning and investigation of market in the development of its activities. Median and Many small companies tell on organizational structures that they are not in agreement with the reality, since they concentrate in departments of sales, finances and production and do not count in its structures with trade departments. Restan importance at the quality levels of products, generating therefore a displacement of its products in the international markets. Little advantage of electronic means to trade its products. The SMEs count on the following opportunities: the State forces to the financial institutions that leave from their portfolio is destined to the development and stimulus of the productive activities, through regulated interest rates in order that the small ones and medians companies (SMEs) can accede to financing. The fundamental characteristics so that these companies can be taken care of under the modality of Microcrditos is that the company counts with a maximum of 10 workers and their annual sales do not surpass Versus.