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Argentina Chile

The pasties are a preparation that has form of average moon and its mass is crisp sea bream and. It is composed by a filling of meat, ham, chicken, ricota or other products, is locked up in a mass elaborated with flour of wheat, or maize and other cereals, and sometimes with the addition of some fat like the oil or butter. Also calls pies or pastelillos have an origin in the same cradle of our civilization; as old as the bread – 2,500 years a. Bernard Golden takes a slightly different approach. C. -, its cradle is Persia; one thinks that its invention has been as a result of the rigorous climate of the Middle East where the heat of the desert I force the men to invent a form to protect to foods so that they were not exposed outdoors. Also Greece was well-known by its masses of cereals that would export to everybody western one. According to the Arabs the mass grazes Greek philo is most delicate, smooth, crisp, fine, elegant, versatile, that has been created in the kitchen, to be filled up. The origin has root in Greece and of it would happen there to Armenia, Morocco, the Middle East generally.

Because it was in this region, in the barren landscapes, the aromatic zocos Arab markets – and the familiar house of fresh shade that the pasty really was made popular. The pasties took to sonorous names that today even conserve fatay or esfiha, with meat of lamb and wheat burgol. The Tarig conqueror, who gave his name to Gibraltar I take, them in its campaigns next to syrups, hojaldres, the alfajores. And at backs of the Arab horses of the conquest, their culture, its music and its food to Spain would arrive; of there Columbus on board the Spanish boats, it would bring them to us to America where one extends to almost all the countries of the continent. At present in countries like Venezuela, Argentina Chile and Bolivia exist typical pasties by region and geographic zone, competing with others in being most exquisite, the best ones, being different themselves by the ingredients of their content, by the form to cut the meat with which they are stuffed, in the type of flour wheat or of maize or in the type of baking fried or horneada -.

SME Companies

Even though at the moment in the Venezuelan State alliances with third-world countries are settling down with the purpose of to impel to the Venezuelan companies to compete in the international market, in my mind arise certain questions, Are prepared the SMEs in Venezuela to compete in these markets? They will have the productive and technological capacity to face these economies? Given these restlessness it is necessary to establish the opportunities and weaknesses of the Venezuelan companies, specifically the SMEs to penetrate in the international markets. The SMEs face the following weaknesses: Little investment in technological advances, generating consequently to make products few competitive ones in the international markets. Median and Many small companies are of familiar origin, which entails to that the companies are handled by industralists with little managemental and little capacity leadership. Many SMEs do not invest in the qualification of the human capital, generating little motivation to their employees. Little or null strategic planning and investigation of market in the development of its activities. Median and Many small companies tell on organizational structures that they are not in agreement with the reality, since they concentrate in departments of sales, finances and production and do not count in its structures with trade departments. Restan importance at the quality levels of products, generating therefore a displacement of its products in the international markets. Little advantage of electronic means to trade its products. The SMEs count on the following opportunities: the State forces to the financial institutions that leave from their portfolio is destined to the development and stimulus of the productive activities, through regulated interest rates in order that the small ones and medians companies (SMEs) can accede to financing. The fundamental characteristics so that these companies can be taken care of under the modality of Microcrditos is that the company counts with a maximum of 10 workers and their annual sales do not surpass Versus.

Company Alarm

Nowadays, 24 hours monitoring of the security it is the first passage in any plan of security and the majority of alarm, monitoring-operates the companies of the state of the most modern facilities to take care of the clients of security alarm anywhere in the world. Whereas some companies acquire a considerable sum for the services of security monitoring rendered, others are rather a reasonable price. Nevertheless what much people still do not know is the ample range of functions and services that accompany to the different types from monitoring mentioned by these companies. The main target of all the companies of monitoring of alarms, regardless of its rates of monitoring consists of verifying the authenticity of an alarm goes off and to respond effectively to the aid signal immediately the shipment of security units that face the premise of violation of the security. Recognized generally the alarm companies to supervise the security systems in the home of a local station and they are enabled to respond to the situation of emergencia with its security own answer in smaller response time of alarm of five minutes. These companies have a strict set of directives that adhere in the case of an alarm firing and its high price covers the expenses caused by its personnel of exclusive security, 24-hours of monitoring of equipment, devices of high tech, the state of the offices of art and so on. Others less are defined and the cheapest companies of monitoring than the homes of the tracking station of a remote control of third parties simply to alert to the police after an alarm have been verified. This often has been to more time the response time of alarm of about forty five minutes.

Since these companies do not count on their own controls or equipment of security answer, to contract the service companies of another sub-standard. Therefore the rate of pursuit relatively cheaper of bad quality for served. Established companies good, monitoring of alarms to mention partly to a higher index due to its good will and to a great extent by its equipment of experts and professionals highly enabled security house that has the experience to handle situations of emergencia in opportune form. These companies also have a backup and control center integrated in the dismissals by its power, telephone computers and lines that will continue making a pursuit assured homes must have problems of in center main energy. These sophisticated characteristics are not simply a part of the monitoring of the companies that attract the proprietors of unfortunate house with the rates of control of his low price. Cheaper services accompany a cheap rate of monitoring. When choosing the alarm companies that the services of security promise in its point lower index, we cannot stop asking to us how these companies secure to the support of an able equipment and supervision of infrastructures with those insufficient income. You must definitively are going to accept that with the quality and the reliability a label comes from price.

Nevertheless, there is a pile of alarm of monitoring of good reputation the companies that they in accordance with offer reasonable prices and services security for all the budgets and requirements of security each house. Unless you come through monitoring tariffs are too exaggerated, he is always advisable, to sign the agreement with the companies of alarm that settle down, of good reputation and offer rates of reasonable activity. Everything what is too high or too low will leave you with a false sense of pride and security.

Company Changes

When a company changes, many errors can be made that could be easily avoided. If not done properly a good one company of changes, can be to him a painful experience. Here we put some common errors to him that people at the time of considering commit its change. 1. – To make the budget by telephone: You really create that a company can give a budget you of your change and so you comment to him by telephone. Of no way.

Later they will leave a pile to you extras, of furniture and equipment that you had not commented to him or they do not habian referenced. It insists on which they visit in its home. They have to do everything what they must move. Even if it is very small movement, thus it will know in person to the company that goes to him it has to make his change. And if your change is international, with greater reason they are forced visitarte to make a budget with rigor.

2. – Not to request budgets to several companies of changes the unique way to obtain a precise idea than is price just is that at least three companies of changes him they give a budget in writing, after seeing your furniture and equipment in person. And to know collection place and gives. 3. – To choose to a company of changes of low cost. It really creates that somebody comes with 40% below the budget of other companies it has a so low price. It is careful with those budgets remarkably inferiors. Later it can feel swindled. Thus they work: You accept the budget to the loss, and when the company of changes begins to load its equipment begin to arise extra, that if part of boxes not were you value, that are more equipment of the spoken ones, that it needs a greater truck and it is necessary to make two bearings, that the diets go to its account, etc.

Madrid Cardboard

In the Community of Madrid 148,947 tons took shelter of paper and cardboard coming from the systems of municipal selective collection, which supposes 23.06 kg by inhabitant in 2010. At national level the collection of paper and cardboard coming from the systems of municipal selective collection is placed in the million tons, 21.44 kg by citizen to the year. In these Christmas dates, and especially in the days of Christmas, New Year and Kings, the generation of residues increases near 20%. These numbers demonstrate, once again, the consolidation, year after year, of the sector of the recovery of residues of paper and cardboard like a clear example of the industry that will govern the new sustainable economic model. An industry that bases the growth on the technology, the innovation, the formation, the energy and the environment: more and more it jeopardize with the society; and abierta to new markets of products and sustainable raw materials. At the moment Europe counts on an average rate of recycling of residues of paper and cardboard of 69%, direct consequence of the success of the correct application of the policies of management of residues, of the consolidation of the model of selective collection of the fraction paper-cardboard and the new culture of citizen participation. This is translated in which in Europe every second 2 tons of paper are recycle and a surplus of paper and reclaimed cardboard is generated, considered in 12 million tons, that in the tactical mission of France, Spain and Portugal ascend to about 2.4 million tons. This surplus recyclable material of Europe exports to other countries, by means of return containers, taking advantage to the maximum synergies the transport, with a minimum environmental impact, a smaller power consumption and a reduction of CO2 emissions; avoiding that is consumed new natural resources for the manufacture of materials, transmitting a productive model and enterprise person in charge at world-wide level that contributes to construct a society of global recycling and guaranteeing the survival, without additional costs, of the systems of collection and of activity of recovery of the recyclable materials.