SMEs of Software and Information Services sales increased 32 in 2007

The CESSI presented the first data collected by the Foundation Center OPSSI and SMEs, on the current situation and prospects of SMEs in Software and Information Services . Export capacity, employment generation, investment and commitment are some factors identified in this sector in the ICT industry. During the seminar, held in the framework of the 5th Annual Conference of the SME Observatory Foundation (POF), were present Vincent Donato, Director of the FOP, and Miguel A. Calello, President of the CESSI. According to Mario Sosa, Director of the Center, “SMEs in the sector are very young companies. 40 of them started their operations after 2002 and only 14 did so before 1991. However, it is a sector very early as it is noted that most of these companies are either limited liability companies incorporated or limited companies. The sector’s export capacity, his responsibility in creating employment and its commitment to investment, are key factors are the leading role of SMEs in this industry. “He also noted that “remains the subject of the most worrying HR and secondly the increased costs above the price that causes a decrease in the rate of return.” The research data collected by the OPSSI showed that: – 83.2 of SMEs investing in the sector. – 26.7 of SMEs are attached to the Law of Software and receive its benefits. – 32.4 increase in sales of SMEs. – 15.9 plus occupancy Human resources within SMEs. – 59 of SMEs export, and a large proportion of them did so regularly to countries around the world. Source: Communications and Mazzalan CESSI.