Company Changes

When a company changes, many errors can be made that could be easily avoided. If not done properly a good one company of changes, can be to him a painful experience. Here we put some common errors to him that people at the time of considering commit its change. 1. – To make the budget by telephone: You really create that a company can give a budget you of your change and so you comment to him by telephone. Of no way.

Later they will leave a pile to you extras, of furniture and equipment that you had not commented to him or they do not habian referenced. It insists on which they visit in its home. They have to do everything what they must move. Even if it is very small movement, thus it will know in person to the company that goes to him it has to make his change. And if your change is international, with greater reason they are forced visitarte to make a budget with rigor.

2. – Not to request budgets to several companies of changes the unique way to obtain a precise idea than is price just is that at least three companies of changes him they give a budget in writing, after seeing your furniture and equipment in person. And to know collection place and gives. 3. – To choose to a company of changes of low cost. It really creates that somebody comes with 40% below the budget of other companies it has a so low price. It is careful with those budgets remarkably inferiors. Later it can feel swindled. Thus they work: You accept the budget to the loss, and when the company of changes begins to load its equipment begin to arise extra, that if part of boxes not were you value, that are more equipment of the spoken ones, that it needs a greater truck and it is necessary to make two bearings, that the diets go to its account, etc.