The University of the future

It proposes a university of the future with an educational model with the implicit mission to train professionals with integrity, accountability, research, analytical, with a high scientific concern, not superficial and simplistic professionalism today. Individuals prepared to face the challenge of solving the grave problems of our society back pieces of lideralizar evolutionary processes of the community, from whatever job fronts. Professionals always ready to serve, to seek and achieve progress, and most importantly, ready to push the car stranded in the development of the population.Population, human being as a basic component of the country must be the first aim of thickening of the university called the future. Everyone from the corner of his profession, being a suitable thickening, have a vision against corruption will be investigated as a means of action, thereby contributing to the measured use of technologies and resources, thereby settling the progress . The future of university education should be renewal. Able to act on their realities, on their everyday problems, question, evaluate, while updating and projecting into the future, a future of fast get.Everything changes very quickly, develop new and more efficient technologies. This is a daily current as today, days after may not. The scientific truth of what will be tomorrow afternoon. How different is the developed world of the late twentieth century, the vision Garcia – Marquiana of Macondo, where it seems everything is always the same, things are and are always the same, the people and static people, without change, which is what it be Monday or Tuesday, all under the torpor of the tropics. But the reality is different, everything changes, and changes quickly, it all went under accelerated scientific technical activity.You have to walk, because not all people arrive at the same time the twenty-first century.