Ticket Offices

Air tickets in Kiev now also offer services to air carriers – discounters. This low-cost flights to travel costs. Such companies will offer passengers an extremely low price on airline tickets if they agree abandon most of the traditional uslug.Takie flights are usually carried out within a country or a short distance, when the flight takes one and a half – three hours. Passengers did not enjoy the increased comfort and free meals, but the cost of the ticket will be valid in several times lower than, say, a flight scheduled flight. And all this because of the fact that the concept of low-budget airlines on the principle of control costs and thrift, good for all. For example, airlines often use a single type of aircraft that can reduce costs for repair and maintenance of machines. Also in the cabin may not be divided into first, business and economy classes, and the ticket will not be showing the place. Here, the principle – who quickly sat down, he is ripe.

The interior may not have modern audio and video, as well as free meals. Passengers will also be limited in allowable weight of baggage and hand luggage. Ticket for a flight can be ordered via the Internet, with pay by credit card and receive their boarding ticket with the order number. Passengers should be careful, if they decided to fly low-budget companies because the lack of attention to certain nuances may lead to an increase in ticket cost. For example, a ticket for the flight to be booked several months (preferably 2-4 months), because with the approach of the departure date the ticket price will rise. It is also worth to pay attention to related information, because some of the additional services and charges may increase airfare several times. It is better to immediately determine your own preference and take them into account when preparing all documents.

Each change can be fraught with additional costs. For example, a change of name passenger, the date of departure must be paid extra. And most likely have to spend an amount several times higher than the original ticket price. Air travel at an affordable price possible. The main thing is to treat the choice airline and flight carefully.