He was forced to set big goals. Barriers grow up before him like mushrooms after rain, but he is ready to overcome them. And here he is at the start, powerful, strong and dangerous. On His face reflects the spirit of the game, he is making plans and winds all around his dreams. But there is one "oops ". In the absence of actually running the administrative tools, some barriers are very hard and difficult to eliminate. Each person has a limited amount of attention available. You can observe what else is enough of your attention, and what is not.

You are driving. If you can at the same time talk with a business partner by cell phone and listen to music, you have quite a lot of free attention. And if you still have enough in this case to compare with the rate card? Already difficult. And to answer the questions of two children who sit in the back seat? Now imagine that the panel lit light bulb "check engine" and at the same time you clipped some hell-raisers Somewhere there will cease to grab your attention at all. This is boundary.

Well, back to business. When the entrepreneur is no good starting the administrative tools, he solves the problem himself, using smart about it. In this case, he can not entrust it to others or teach someone to to act as he acts himself (not always but often – I speak as a consultant). Therefore, many activities are concentrated in his hands.