W & H Dentalwerk Opts For DTC Dieseltankcleaning OG For Cleaning The Units!

The efficient solution! Lose no more diesel! The W & H group, a family-owned company headquartered in Burmoos, Austria, is worldwide one of the leading manufacturers of dental Ubertragungsinstrumente & equipment. The company founded in 1890 by the watchmakers of Weber and hampel went about 1958 owned by the family Malata. Innovative product and service solutions, a strong focus on research & Development, vision and social responsibility make W & H a successful local and global player. The current product range includes instruments fur the application areas of restoration and prosthetics (for caries treatment or to the Kavitaten – and Kronenpraparation), Endodontics (instruments for mechanical root canal treatment), fur fur implantology (surgical and Winkelstucke to the placing of implants and the associated drive unit) and prevention (air scaler and piezo scaler for the mechanical removal of tartar and cleaning of Zahnzwischenraume and Peridontal pockets), as well as instruments the hygiene and healthcare (rate care and sterilization) and fur fur dental laboratories (When and engines for dental prostheses materials processing). With over 980 employees worldwide, W & H exports its products to over 90 countries. The family-owned company operates two production sites in Burmoos (Austria), one in Brusaporto (Italy) and 15 subsidiary in Europe and Asia. Due to some failure of the main generator on the site Burmoss, W & H faced a huge problem. The fuel capacity of the unit is very difficult to clean because it is very shallow and long at the bottom of the unit fitted due to the design by conventional means.

W & H had tests with the maintenance company carried out which resulted in tremendous pollution of the tanks. Before we, the DTC dieseltankcleaning OG, the efficient and proper cleaning solution presented, only the expansion of tank to the discussion was. Had you made this decision, high costs of for W & H were created and the complete Tankfullung full of bio-diesel has been lost. Mr Alexander Cadoret (maintenance building by W & H Burmoos) was from the outset by the efficient and environmentally-friendly Technology as well as the need to professionally clean diesel tanks, the DTC dieseltankcleaning machinery firm! The tanks were cleaned with a machine of type DTC-101 with 7, 5 m 3/h the circulation procedure. Were there all suspended solids and particles up to 30? removed from the tank. Increase reliability and performance of the engine and the generator are equally profitable aspects as also the high durability of filters, less shipping schleis injectors and pumps, and smoke reduction and better fuel consumption.