Conventionally, this group was divided into segments of the "elite media" and "elite", but in the context of this article, all families with income greater than $ 4000 per person referred to as "elite". The average monthly income of the studied group is $ 6,370 per person, of which the current consumption is spent on average $ 2200. In fact, the money spent on compulsory expenditure, which significantly higher compared with other segments, as are a significant added quality and other factors shaping the high price. It is clear that the same goods would cost cheaper than the elite, whether this segment less prityazatelen. It is likely that the crisis required the consumption of a segment of the elite will be reduced by lowering the stamp sostavlyayuschey.Iz remaining $ 4,170 the average income of the elite tend to save about $ 1400 and spend on other needs $ 2770. This part of the discretionary spending includes many personal services, recreational activities, frequent travel and other items directly reflect the high standard of living. It is in this part of the consumed by the vast majority of products from the category of luxury. Average amount of accumulated savings of the elite is more than $ 25,000 per person.

This sum of a man with a monthly cost of $ 2200 provided for a year, even when fully loss of any source of income. By providing such a "safety cushion", the elite households have every chance to survive during the crisis, even without drastic reductions in consumption. Of course, many families will reconsider home budgets downward against the general pessimism, and it is even more secure with the economic situation in a difficult situation. Simulate a hypothetical situation to reduce earnings in the segment of the elite 50%, ie from $ 6,370 to $ 3,180. In such situation, the family can not reduce the usual structure of current consumption, but reduce the discretionary portion of the cost of $ 2770 to $ 980, and temporarily abandon saving money. It also remains the possibility of balancing mandatory and discretionary budgets, reducing the branded component in the price of purchases. In other words, to withdraw to step back in the consumption of luxury goods – not the most painful loss.

Thus, for halving income elite can maintain a stable economic situation, even without sacrificing savings. Accordingly, the demoralizing effect of the economic crisis on the segment of the elite can occur only in high risk areas associated with exchange losses and other situations, reducing the liquidity of capital. Conservative households are in this case in a more secure position. As a result of these reflections can be concluded that the most weighty "Black mark Crisis" issued by the middle class. This social group is losing jobs and incomes, reduce social optimism and consumer confidence. Business-oriented middle class, it's time to consider possibility of developing a stand-segments, as middle-class consumer activity can be affected negatively in a short time. Perhaps one of the most reliable segments in a similar situation may become a pseudo – a fairly large superstructure on the middle class, showing the elitist style of consumption. Losing the middle class in an amount 11 times, this segment has a gross income, comparable with a quarter total income of the middle class and far more motivated to Consumption. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!