Public Power

With all these advantages the crisis this way did not affect very. It affected more the exportation sectors, exactly thus, in lesser scale, therefore the domestic market absorbs great part of the production. The Brazilian government acted of fast form, reduced some federal taxes, the state governments had taken the same measures. At the same time where these measures had been able consequentemente to hold the production and thousand of jobs, the Brazilian cities capsize to fall the value of the federal views destined they. It has cities, those that depend solely on the views governmental, they had been impracticable.

This compromised or will be able to compromise the payment leaf, causing delay in the payment of employees, suppliers and the suspension and stoppage of workmanships. In such a way, it remained the municipal administrators (mayors) to search solutions capable to compensate the suffered losses, so that the city does not suffer worse with the effected cuts. Some measures will have to be placed in practical and all the population, of the most humble citizen to most important, will have to join itself so that these measures occasion the desired effect. Each one must make its part and sacrifice. The public power must in first place: To elaborate goals, in which each secretariat would be charged of cumpriz them.

To finish with the industry it paternalism. For example, each agricultural community would start to manage its resources, searching solutions for the problems most current, as cleanness of the community, I fix and conservation of public building under its responsibility. Leaving the problems of water, light constructions on account of the Public Power, therefore these demand more resources. Today the communitarian one comes until the headquarters of the city in search of a roofing tile that it broke, of a window, gasoline, etc. However these small problems the community must solve without the intervention of the public power.