Administrative Code

Make a few shots sane place offense, so that the shot hit a section of road on which the opinion of the inspector DPS is broken you have the road infrastructure, as well as possible, the inspector. Then in the minutes of administrative violation to state a written application for the admission of the report shall own photography protocol. If the hand did not have a camera, you can ask him at the witness, or protocol to make a request for inspection of the place of the offense imputed to the transfer of the case and the technical state of "broken" the road infrastructure. Attach themselves made act photography to the protocol may in very rare cases. Remember, only you have obtained evidence, such as a voice recorder, and (or) video recording of events, the act of photographing the roadway, an explanation in a timely manner attracted to participate in the case of a witness may justify you from undeserved punishment. Therefore, DPS inspector will not be keen to involve themselves to the protocol drawn up by your act of photographing.

By providing attached to the minutes compiled by the driver, the evidence to establish precisely the facts as required by Art. 24.1. Administrative Code, is also a flagrant violation of Part 2 of Art. 26.2. Administrative Code, the disposition of which implies that the evidence submitted by the inspector as DPS, and by the driver, who by virtue of their adequacy and admissibility (since the tape recorder or video camera can not lie) must be construed in favor of driver.