Cigar Manufacture

Still very young, in 1873, it shyly initiated a small place for the cigar manufacture in They are Flix, with the name of Company Dannemann Cigar. In 1889, the great traders of Are Flix had asked for the Geraldo Dannemann that was Salvador to invite the Dr. Manoel Vitorino Pear tree, then governor of the Bahia, so that she made a visit Are Flix, therefore already knew of the narrow linking between them. The governor thus made it e, in day 20 of December of the same year, raised Is Flix to the category of Village, for recognizing the huge industrial and commercial development of that region. Thus, the first intendant of the Village of Is Flix was Geraldo Dannemann. In 25 of October of 1890, then the governor, Virglio Damsio, raised the Village to the City of Are Flix.

In recognition form, the first mayor of Is Flix was Geraldo Dannemann, that, already betting in the prodigal future of that place, had bought a large house where until today the headquarters of the Municipal City hall function. He also constructed the popular market, the library, created schools, nursing homes, and day-care centers. The choice for Is Flix it was based on the known quality of the fumos produced in the Bahia. In the first years of functioning, the company had an amazing growth, arriving to be the producing greater of cigars of the Country, beyond an important exporter, having in the Europe its main market and Germany, its door of entrance. At this time, six plants of the Dannemann used about four a thousand people in the Bahia. Geraldo Dannemann left the company in 1906, but only later, with the advent of 1 World-wide War, the first problems had come to tona, therefore the Europe left of being a so prosperous market. These problems had taken to the fusing with the Stender, having originated Company Dannemann the Cigar.