The Tapajs

Now with the plebiscite, the state leaves of being great difficult to manage, YES that many we hear to say ' ' pode' ' to bring benefits, in our city alone we hear this side more here. As we can have full certainty in what we are making if NOT, is not so ' ' transparente' ' how much YES? – Perhaps for the fact of our current representatives politicians not to be so competent when they would have to be, I point not to bring a development for here, already as many governments had been transferred, and all corrupt ones, thinking generally about the proper pocket, without thinking about the devoid population that the one that abita, and that needs singular improvements more than does not have, because the government if does not pledge in improving the place where the proper ones live. In the Itaitubenses we have that to think well before we take this decision, therefore Carajs that will be a new state with this division will not leave so harmed as well as the Tapajs, therefore already has its development, Carajs has its proper capital, Par has its protected formed culture and its wealth, and the State of the Tapajs? – The one that has? Which will be our culture? We can take off as example the too much plebiscites that already had happened as the division of Gois and Tocantins, Gois, is there, structuralized well, already Tocantins, unhappyly we cannot say the same. Itaituba, as well as other cities tends to be poor, perhaps for guilt of the government, since we were ' ' city of ouro' ' , if really we had a good government, today we seriamos very well structuralized and developed, therefore the majority of our ores is exported and used to enrich other cities and/or states. We have that to lead in account, that of everything already cited in lectures is assumptions, therefore full certainty alone we will have the election after. .