The Companies

The economy demonstrates that it has a direct relation enters the level of investments (rude formation of capital fixture – FBKF) of a country and the rhythm of growth of its GIP. This mathematical relation of intuitiva form can be understood: it is alone with the increase of the productive capacity through the increase of plants, more generation of energy, more jobs, better qualification of the people that if obtains to get a sustainable increase in the income of a country. When the productive capacity of a country is being subutilizada, can be gotten through governmental measures of stimulaton for short periods of time, a growth caused for one better use of existing the productive capacity already. But this growth of short term does not remain if it will not be folloied, simultaneously, for new investments in production. He is in this point that enters the private initiative, the more investments the companies had made more developed in them will become the city on the other hand grow, the company grows and thus all earn. In this way we will be able then to say that we are not alone growing as in also developing. 3 WHAT WE MUST EVALUATE We believed to be able to measure the development of a society for the level of the production and the consumption of goods and services, by means of pointers as the national Gross domestic product. It was on the basis of the per capita GIP that the countries had been classified in developed or not, for the ONU. According to Rattner (5), the tax of the occult GIP as many critical conditions of life human being as of natural ecosystems. The GIP in fact shows the taxes of the Gross domestic product of the country, but at the same time it occults the poverty where most of the population lives.