Customs Office

Numerous tax and legal aspects legal certainty only with constantly up-to-date software In the terms of trade today through the pure import and export declaration, a role. Sanction regulations and preferential pricing are just two examples. In addition, that imports, exports and all other customs related operations in future exclusively electronically to handled the ATLAS method. Customs and foreign trade are now so complex that companies similar to complete it as tax matters only with the help of experienced experts and a powerful software efficiently and complies with the applicable legal provisions. ATLAS is an electronic procedure, which simplifies customs clearance and accelerated, because it eliminates paper-based documents and the personal appearance of the Customs Office.

Since 1 July 2009, the participation in the ATLAS export procedures is already mandatory in Germany. The existing 1,000 euro bound, from the goods on ATLAS export Customs logged on must be, should be repealed. So the new Customs Code foresees it, which is expected to be valid until 2015. Then all exported goods on ATLAS export must be registered. The new customs code make mandatory the use of the ATLAS import process for all importing companies also.

Experts estimate that until then nationwide still more must make to ten thousand companies in the electronic procedure. The choice of the software on which a company participates in the ATLAS method, is this. Only requirement: the software must be certified by customs. Currently, there are a number of providers, make available to the ATLAS-affiliate software with different functionality and user comfort. In particular, the use of Web-based solutions with secure data lines is an attractive alternative. Here, the user has the advantage that the system continuously currently held by the party he is so not about the installation of new ATLAS releases or updates by Tariffs, forms or similar care needs. Preference determination a comprehensive and important in particular for industrial enterprises issues in the area of foreign trade is the preference determination.