Dangerous Garbage Disposal

Today the question "where to put the garbage?" Becomes more important. Collect all waste in landfills, located usually near the settlements is a problem. Landfill near the towns are not allowed as a In terms of aesthetics of the landscape, as well as sanitary and epidemiological conditions. Landfill for industrial and domestic waste occupy large areas. Landfill waste can be composed of hazardous waste creating a hazard for the soil, because it dissolves in the rain and snow fall in the water reservoirs and groundwater. In recent years much has changed the composition of household waste that has created new challenges for those who performs garbage collection service. The composition of household waste includes, garbage, printed materials and packaging paper, plastics, textiles, wood, leather, glass, stones, metals, and all sorts of minor impurities. The main component of waste is currently packing materials: paper, plastic, metal and glass (especially bottles and cans of single use).

To reduce the negative impact of landfills on environmental conditions of the city, garbage must be sorted by the degree of harmfulness. The most hazardous waste must be exported beyond the city limits to keep in concrete bins. Some of the toxic waste from technology development can become raw material for further chemical processing. Household waste and the waste of chemical plants is sent to waste processing plants or landfills for solid waste disposal. Export waste to landfills for disposal of solid waste burial is one of the methods of disposal. Take out the garbage at landfills in Moscow offers a multitude of organizations and companies.

For waste disposal are Special areas – solid waste landfills (landfill). Please explore the highlights of the disposal of solid waste in landfills. First, you need solid waste compaction to dive into the ground on a specially designated landfill sites as it not only reduces the amount of material, but also removes water, thereby stabilizing the state of waste, because for the activity of microorganisms is not enough moisture in the compacted material. Second, the hazardous waste must be sorted Originally, and then later buried in a special landfill for toxic waste.