Communist International

In these conditions it was natural that the party searched pictures in the most diverse sectors of the society, including maons and anarchists, therefore was necessary to agglutinate first, to search support, if to consolidate as Brazilian communist nucleus for, later, at a moment of more freedom politics, if to make the deepened quarrels of ideological order more. Thus the Communist Party of Brazil is accepted finally as the Brazilian section of the Communist International two years after its foundation. The Working-class movement in Brazil before the Communist Party the sprouting of the laboring classroom in Brazil is decurrent of the creation of a basic infrastructure in the country that came to take care of the demand of the exportations of the coffee, made on a large scale, in middle of century XIX. The product of the exportations was flowed off for railroads that if basically located in the region south center. Had to the capital accumulated for the coffee, the region concentrated most of the existing industries in the country; of the 48 plants installed in Brazil 33 they were in the south center. The implantation of the wage-earning work, made for the most part for European immigrants, made to grow the consumption and work market.

In these bases the capitalism found land to develop itself and occurred the first one occasions industrial of the country in the end of century XIX. The European worker who came to Brazil from 1890 brought of the Europe its experience of performance and organization of the working-class movement. Keeping the historical especificidades of each continent, the ideologies of the European left if had installed in such a way in the Brazilian unions that the working-class movement of the country seemed to reflect the working-class movement of the old world. Several had been the ideological chains that had participated of the unionism this way brought of there until the foundation of the Communist Party of Brazil in 1922; anarchists, socialist, communist, socialist communist Christians, anarco etc.