This exspansionism also reached agriculture, quejuntamente with the cattle one had quejuntamente started to form one of the strongest sectors Brazilian daeconomia. This prosperity of farming Brazilian, moved poruma bigger demand in the consumption of its sorts, demands not only apolicultura now, but also new techniques of production and creation of the flocks. Aagricultura that, in the vision of Moreira (2003), already was not more than subsistence, now starts to take care of to a bigger demand, some sorts must in this manner be cultivated deformed intensive so that, the high agriculturists gets rendimentosdo alone, tcnicasavanadas intensely use to advantage therefore it through the job of. Intensive agriculture starts to be altamentelucrativa activity. However, only one minority if benefits of these profits, ocasionandoque of this form, serious problems in the field, as the acirramento of the tensessociais, for example. This cited economic activity above, inside of the capitalist novastendncias, practised with exporting interests, passes seruma activity that demands certain amount of capital, since empregode is necessary more modern machines each time, and of fertilizers capable to keep the boaqualidade of ground. However, this activity starts to depend each time menosde man power, a time that starts to use technologies economizers of the force detrabalho. Practised intensive agriculture in some regions, mainly in the Center-South of the country, are cultivations directed toward mercadoexterno, therefore in some areas they pass if to cultivate only one product.

One bomexemplo of the displayed one here can be the case of Pontapor in the Mato Grosso of the South eTimbaji in the Paran, where they predominate the cultivation of the soy directed toward mercadoexterno. The agricultural development in these regions, part, had the national support dosgovernos state and, that had destined resources to increase of formasignificativa the production of grains of the country. The expansion of the border agrcolaprosperou of form that contributed for the innumerable contradictions, a time queesse development generated profits for few and still it valued the land, thus making impracticable, the permanence of great part of the work force nocampo.