Senador Pedro Simon

Plus a period of lessons and I come back pra house of hitchhiking with an English teacher who possesss car of German mark, produced in Brazil and exported to countries of Latin America and Asia. When arriving, I hear international music a little, hardwired to the Internet, occasion where I can talk gratuitously with people in distant countries pra to train different languages using a common program of instantaneous messages. I go pra academy, where I perceive the presence of on marks to the sport in the people whom they frequent there, after the exercises I come back pra house, to take bath in a foreign shower, with sabonete internationally known, shampoo European stops drying later me in an American towel. Me visa and I go to eat a Hot-dog with cocaine-glue vendido in a next sidewalk to my house. During the preparation of that it will be mine it has supper, I go taking cooling and I go thinking about what writing in conclusion of the work of the company of another state in which study.

Suddenly I perceive the internacionalidade of my snack bought for two Reals: the bread brought for Italian immigrants who finished substituting tapioca in the coffee of the morning it Brazil, maionese, a greasy cream and French caloric, the mustard, an Arab condiment, catchup that it comes of the U.S.A, pur of potato to the British fashion, sausage created in Germany and maize of the Andean countries. I perceived through the snack that the globalization appeared to take care of mainly to the capitalism in the developed countries in way that the same ones could search new markets, in view of that the internal consumption if found saturated and can be faced as a posterior phase of the capitalism. With the decline of the socialism, the capitalist system if became predominant in the world. The consequent consolidation of the capitalism initiated the age of the globalization, mainly, economic and commercial. The globalization process narrowed the commercial relations between the countries and the companies.