The Manager

The manager is in his work, can not use all the levers, without exception, since its work is important for firms in the future, in the long term! Potential consumer of services or goods, need to hear from the agent is not voiced by the price list (for this there is a special piece of paper with the same name), but that he will receive, signing an agreement with telecommunications company! That is, we must not sell the product itself – and the effects derived from consumption of this product. On classical business training usually provides an example: if you want sell drills, you should not sell device with a motor and a drill, a hole that receives the buyer, buying a drill! In my view eloquently! In most cases, the customer buying trends do not occur in the mind of emotions! But each for emotional perception needs its motive, that it’s the agent should move, picking up at every potential buyer your argument and reason. It was then, and we come to the theme of competence. By and large, anything to sell, you need to know more psychology than the technical aspects of the product! And it’s a fact! But it is a fact only if the product we need to “vtyuhat”, ie this situation is similar bazaar turn of events – the main now sell, and then could not care less, still with a client no longer dating! The manager also has no right to afford to develop the situation in this option, because the agent works (should work) than momentary sale, and for the future development of the firm..