Pay By Touch

The company Pay By Touch has announced the debut of the new technology TrueMe, which, according to the company, is the 'first secure system of identity confirmation in biometrics over the Internet. " TrueMe provides users with a pc quick, easy and secure way to identify your personality to work and to transfer money on the web using prints of his fingers. Putting a finger on the sensor certified to work with TrueMe, users can safe use of their online accounts without the need to memorize their id, password or account number. Technology TrueMe is quick and easy to use, and, most importantly, safe. According to John Rogers (John Rogers), the founder, Chairman and ceo Pay By Touch, 'c-increasing growth of identity theft, credit card fraud and other offenses against private information, Internet security has become important as never before. TrueMe – the first technology on the Internet, providing protection for our leading biometric identification services, providing a new level privacy and convenience for users of PCs are everywhere. " Debut TrueMe big step for continued growth and expansion into new markets Pay By Touch.

At the moment, more than three million Americans have registered online Pay By Touch, leaving their biometric information in one of 2.400 points in 44 states. TrueMe allows companies to supply its customers, partners and working in a safe, certified access to their computers, programs, Web resources under password and to services such as Internet banking, electronic commerce, and Internet services providers. In addition, the technology TrueMe extends its protection to activities such as business services on demand from