Venezuelan Guri

At present, Brazil and Venezuela develop four important physical integration projects: highway that communicate to Manaus with Venezuela, the railway interconnection of South East of Venezuela and the North of Brazil, electrical interconnection between the Venezuelan Guri company and that same Amazon capital, zona franca and important Brazilian industrial center. In Santa Elenea de Guairen we can see how the free zone trade, factor that has accelerated the economic activity of the area is already in operation. The above detaches the particular interest that has Brazil, towards the integration of Venezuela into Mercosur, as well as its unilateral support for the same. To make use of a SWOT about the reality for Venezuela to enter MERCOSUR, we would have some idea of this reality, whereas since then some aspects that can give us a vision of what would happen. Weaknesses the possible existing asymmetries between the countries comprising Mercosur, for example Brazil and Venezuelan technology and Argentina has many companies with cutting-edge technology and this puts the Venezuelan companies at a disadvantage. Agricultural products such as cotton, milk and meat, areas in which countries such as Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil have surpluses could overshadow the national production.

The unstable political and economic situation makes us a country of risk for investment. Opportunities new Mercosur trade policy tends to strengthen and reaffirm the openness and inclusion processes in global markets. The accession of Venezuela to the common market of the South would make emphasis on the promotion of regional productive ventures that include integrated networks, especially for SMEs and cooperatives. Stop being a monoproductor country through the diversification of its products in the different productive areas. Venezuela is among the six major destinations of Argentine and Brazilian exports, which deepens increasingly economic integration and trade cooperation that the two most developed countries of the region. The tool of the Fund for structural convergence of MERCOSUR to finance programs to promote the development of competitiveness and promote social cohesion, in smaller economies and less developed regions, is a great opportunity for our country to overcome its productive weaknesses.