Numerous Consumption

While the family not be able to consistently provide their required costs in sufficient income, it does not go to the next level of discretionary consumption. Having achieved this level of income, the household includes in its consumption of less than the required goods and services: entertainment, home appliances, furniture, tourism, eating out and stuff. Being at a certain level of social hierarchy, the family psychologically fixed on their consumer opportunities to the moment when the rising incomes do not allow more than the free consumption. This condition is quite comfortable for some time. Further, under the influence of various factors, satisfaction with the current economic state of melting, forcing people to do more active steps towards wealth creation. This process is accompanied by a permanent inclusion in the consumption structure of all and more new products and services, gradually leading the family to consume .Tak or otherwise, the process of economic development of society has led us to some pre-crisis total. Our marketing research in the current year show that Russia is home to about 54% of the poor, about 41% of the middle class and not more than 5% of the people. Below we elaborate on this structure and to assess carefully the impact of economic crisis for each of the segments, but first understand that in principle can mean design "descended crisis – life has become worse." Numerous studies have accentuated the main fear of the "man present" – poverty. There is nothing worse for our contemporary than the feeling of financial instability.